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Why Disc Golf

Benefits of Disc Golf

Physical Health

Disc golf has been described by the New Zealand Heart Foundation as “the perfect gentle exercise for sedentary adults”. It is an aerobic and low impact sport that can be played at practically any age and level of fitness. It is as vigorous as the fitness and inclination of each player allows. The whole body is used, and the sport is good for mobility and flexibility. 
Throwing a disc is a natural motion, the sort of thing for which the body is designed. It feels good. Motivation to play is high, and the sport scores highly for seemingly effortless exercise. Just spending more time out of doors is known to be beneficial to physical health. 
Equipment is simple and low cost (discs, mainly), no special clothing is required (casual loose clothing and training shoes), and pre-booking of facilities is not required. Hence it is easy to play when motivated. 


Mental Health

Fascination with the flight of the disc takes one’s mind away from current stresses and worries. The game is easy to learn, but hard to master. Players keep coming back for the never-ending challenges of the game. Disc golf connects people to their natural environment - trees, grass, wind, and sky. 


Social Health

The game can be played at any level of social participation, from a casual round for one player, family, or group of friends, to organized leagues and tournaments. The game is quite sociable, as with other shared pastimes, but is also noted for its informality. It is very easy to meet other players on a casual basis. Disc golfers are typically very welcoming towards new players and curious bystanders - it is part of the culture of the sport. 
The sport is unusual, in that it can be played by a group of individuals of differing abilities. Thus, all members of a family can happily play disc golf together, regardless of age, strength, and fitness. 


Benefits to Wider Society

One of the aims of the creator of disc golf (Ed Headrick) was to design a recreational pastime suitable for delinquent youths of the 1970s California counter-culture. Because of its seeming casualness and informality, the sport can appeal to rebellious and disaffected youngsters who have little taste for more formally organized sports. 
Parks which install disc golf courses see a drop in littering, vandalism and other anti-social activities. As low-traffic areas of the park become used for disc golf, the park becomes safer for all park users. 



Revitalization of parkland areas (through active use) is a stated purpose of our Club. 



Keen disc golfers like to play when on holiday. The Jellie Park course is already known to attract overseas tourists. A city with a number of courses is an even better tourist draw. 

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