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Meet the Team



Andrew Falconer

I grew up overseas, but moved back to New Zealand 21 years ago to manage a family-owned business.

I have always played some kind of sport—football was my passion—but repeated injuries left me unable to play most. Just over 2 years ago, I had a go at disc golf, and have been hooked ever since.

It’s an awesome sport—the courses are free and discs are affordable; it’s playable year round, solo or with others; the rules aren’t complicated and the game is easily accessible for most ages and stages of life.

I can see its potential and am looking forward to growing the sport and making it even more available in Christchurch and Canterbury.


General Committee Member

Cameron Gow

I grew up in Christchurch before relocating to Auckland for several years. My family
and I moved back down to Christchurch where I began my career as a firefighter.
I was first introduced to disc golf by a friend almost two years ago and it has quickly
become a favourite past time. My disc collection has grown almost as quickly as my
love for the game and I have even managed to get my wife and daughter enjoying
the odd round.
I spend many of my days off playing a round or two. I have learned many pointers
from people I have bumped into on the courses and enjoy the fact that no two games
are the same. My ability to scale trees to retrieve discs has also grown, although I
find with time, the need has reduced.
The friendly community, my enjoyment of the game and my hope to see it become
more mainstream are big motivators for joining the club and becoming a committee
As a committee member, I want to help grow the sport and support the installation of
new courses along with the maintenance of current ones throughout the region.
I have been able to participate some of the tournaments around the region and have
seen what works well and what needs improvement on the courses.
I look forward to meeting more players and am always happy to chat.


General Committee Member

Dylan Dedman-Ngahiwi

Hello, Dylan here. Dad off two who plays Disc Golf.
I have been in the disc golf scene coming up four years July, I would like to get involved and
be a keen member of the club and stuck in.
Since I can remember I’ve played sports. Soccer, Rugby, Airsoft, dodgeball, softball and have
never had the interest to get involved any further than being a player. But having the love
and passion for the great sport of disc golf, I'm keen and ready to learn how to be a part of
the "background" side of a sport. And support the core members of the club and grow the
sport further.
Trying the manage a young family and be involved with what the club does will be a juggle
but I'm willing to give it my best and see where the journey leads me.
In terms of leadership skills and project management stuff, I'm a plumber by trade and can
manage a team from time to time on commercial job sites. If I can deal with apprentices and
think I can deal with nerdy passionate Disc Golfers.

IMG_7489 2.jpg


Lorenne Botha

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa I relocated to Christchurch with my family 10 years ago.

I have worked as an administrator and bookkeeper over the years in various industries such as the accounting, construction and university sectors.

I have been in the positions of Secretary or Treasurer for the Club, since it’s inception in 2016 and am excited for what the future holds for disc golf within Christchurch and Canterbury.


General Committee Member

Ewan Craig

I'm Ewan and I've been hooked on disc golf for nearly 2 years now. My family and I were first introduced to the sport through scouting, and it quickly became something we could all do and enjoy together regardless of our different levels of physical abilities.

My game is still developing and I love the learning that comes from playing with others, the social connection that comes from being a part of the disc golf community in Christchurch, as well as travelling for competitions. We are a rapidly growing sport and I appreciate that  we are inclusive of each other, with the wide range of people I've met who live for flight and chasing chains.

My motives for joining the Club and putting myself forward for the committee stem from my love of our Ascot course. I'm aware of the strong population of players we have out east  and I want to represent our interests at committee level while establishing and improving our Club presence out east. 

I believe in communication and hearing a range of views for adequate representation and look forward to exploring ways of improving this within the Club and continuing to grow both the Club and also the sport within Christchurch.



Zac Taylor

I have a Bachelor of Environmental Management and Planning at Lincoln University, which led into 2 years Biodiversity Monitoring for the Department of Conservation (DOC) at remote sites across New Zealand.


I then continued my studies to complete a Masters of Teaching and Education at Canterbury University, before continuing with DOC, this time in the Social Monitoring sector. I have now been in this role for the past 2 years.


General Committee Member

Caleb Norris (Chuckie)

I started playing disc golf in January 2021, like most it was through someone who was already addicted to the sport, trying to get as many mates into it as possible. Later that day I went and bought my first starter pack, I was hooked.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance and Operations Management and my working life has included a variety of sectors revolving around logistics and project management.

In my role on the committee, I aim to support the core goals of the club by supporting players across the region and installing new courses. In addition, I seek to see an improved level of communication amongst all disc golf players.

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