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Disc golf is a wholesome recreational sport, which can be played at widely different levels of skill and fitness, and at any age.  It is a "whole life" sport, good for health and well-being, and has many benefits to society.  Whole families can play disc golf together.

The stated aim of our Club is to see 4% of the population of Christchurch and Canterbury actively playing disc golf.  If this can be achieved, the health benefits to individuals and the community would be significant.

Sponsorship of disc golf courses will appeal to private and public sector donors who want to make a tangible investment in community recreation and health.  The sport is cost-effective: it takes a little as NZD25 capital investment to support each active player (one 18 hole course supports up to 1,000 players).

A stated aim of our Club is the revitalization of parkland areas, which may appeal to some sponsors.

There are regular opportunities for sponsorship of events (tournaments), which are increasingly popular.  Disc golf is well-suited to weekend (1-3 day) events.

At the top (elite) end of the sport, there are opportunities to sponsor international tournaments and teams.  This may appeal to private and public sector organizations active in, or wish to associate with, the tourism and/or elite sports sectors.

We wish to thank the organisations below who have assisted the Club, in order to achieve our goals to date:

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